Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, or SSCS for short, has been in Taiji, Japan watching “The Cove”. SSCS has volunteers there, watching and reporting on what is happening, how many animals are being slaughtered and how many are being sold to Marine Aquariums. The SSCS recently did a blog post, pointing the finger at where these dolphins, via drive fisheries, are taken to when not slaughtered. They, just like Ric O’ Barry in his movie “The Cove” point the finger at captivity, While the movie points the finger mostly at SeaWorld, SSCS blog post tries to, but fails.


SeaWorld has publicly stated  in a YouTube video, they did once attempt to save a few of the animals, and soon realized that was not the best approach.  Since then they have had nothing to do with any drive fishery.

Let’s take a look at the SSCS blog post I keep talking about.


In this post, you will see SSCS saying ” Taiji dolphins have been shipped to Mexico, Turkey, Dubai, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea. Many have gone to the 50 Japanese marine aquarium facilities.”

No mention of the United States in that sentence. SSCS likes to attack SeaWorld and make claims, that sound like they are receiving animals for the drive in Taiji. SeaWorld is an outstanding member of the AMMPA ( Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums ). “Alliance policy strictly prohibits any zoological park and aquarium from joining the organization if the facility acquires animals from the Japanese drive fisheries.” That is according to the AMMPA website, which in short says, no member is to receive animals from the drive fishery.


In the blog post SSCS gave information about SeaWorld importing a pilot whale from the Kamogawa SeaWorld, below the permit they say “The permit stipulates that the whale must have been stranded. Driving a pilot whale up onto the beach at Taiji is effectively stranding it.”

They are throwing this information at everyone to try and get our minds to switch, and read that article how they want us to read. The truth is, the pilot whale was a lone stranding,not related to the Taiji drive, hand raised by human, making it non releasable. According to the MMPA( Marine Mammal Protection Act ) no permit will be issued for an animal that was captured in a non humane way, non humane ways include Driving any animal onto a beach and stranding it. If this pilot whale was anyway related to the Taiji drive fishery the permit would not be issued for SeaWorld.


SSCS Has been known to lie before, just ask Pete Bethune.

The fact is SSCS will say and do anything to try and twist our minds around. They will make claims, then word things around to make them appear true when they are false.
Do your own digging and find out the real truth, before believing someone who has on many occasions lied to the public for TV ratings, and money.